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Literary Voice March 2018

A Bi-Annual Peer-Reviewed Journal

An Interview with Dr. Swarajbir Singh, Sahitya Akademi


Sapanpreet Kaur/5

An Exotic Evening with Meena Kandasamy

Dr. Bhagyashree S. Varma/15

Quest for Identity and Roots: A Critical Analysis of Minal


Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five


Dr. Swaraj Raj/27

History and Contemporaneity: Conflicts and Changes in Malamud's The Assistant and Richler's Son of a Smaller Hero

Prof. V. Ayothi/38

Stereotyping Women Authors in Contemporary Biopics

Poulomi Mitra/47

Existential Angst in Philip Larkin's Poetry

Bapi Das/55

Locating Connections: The Alienated Soul of James Baldwin

Dr. Govind Sarswat/64

Global Warming: Development and Significance of Climate

Fiction (Cli-Fi)

Dr. Anupama S. Pathak/70

Identity on the Borders of Ecology: A Study of Gita Mehta's A

River Sutra

Sumedha Bhandari/80

A Review Essay on Geeta Bhandari's Odyssey of Love

Dr Annie John/89

Community Consciousness in MG Vassanji's No New Land and Rohinton Mistry's Tales From Firozsha Baag

Dr. Devendra Rankawat/98

Diasporic Trauma and Identity Crisis in I. Allan Sealy's The

Trotternama: A Chronicle

Dr. Ashoo Toor/108

Gurdial Singh's Night of the Half Moon: A Heroic Journey of a Peasant's Fight Against Injustice

Dr. Harjeet Singh/116

Communal Violence and the Politics of Partition: A Literary- Historical Study of Chaman Nahal's Azadi

Dr. Rajwant Singh/126

Woes of Exile and the Will to Live in Parineeta Khar's We Were and We Will Be: Stories on Kashmir

Rajiv Katoch/Dr. Ravinder Singh/139

Construction of Home in the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish and Ali Ahmad Said Esber: A Comparative Study

Mohammed Farhan/147

Literary Theory--Role and Function of the Reader

Dr. Archana Rani/155

A Reading of H.H. Munro's The Open Window and William Saroyan's The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Dr. Sivadasan Madhavan/160

Societal Ghosts in Githa Hariharan's The Art of Dying and Other Stories

Manpreet K. Sodhi/166

Homeless in their Homeland: Plight of the Tibetan Women

Dr. Shruti Sharma/174

Book Reviews

Gulzar. Footprints on Zero Line: Writings on the Partition.

Tr. Rakhshanda Jalil Dr. Charu Sharma/182

Sidharth. Celestial Beings—Tales & Paintings, Tr. Jaspreet Mander

Prabhleen Toor/186

Poetry Column

The Elegy Born in Forest & After and Before Dr. Basudev Paul/188

When You Crumble Into Eternity & For Those Who Would Brave


Mohammed Usman/190